Is my skillset enough to land me a job?

Hi, I’m a junior frontend web developer and I’m trying to find work. However, I’m not sure if my skillset is big enough to get me a job. These are my skills:

  • HTML5

  • CSS3


  • Gulp

  • Git

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • AJAX

I haven’t made a portfolio website yet because I don’t know if I should first learn more technologies or look for a job with the ones I have right now.

Building a portfolio is always a good first step to take plus you got a lot to show on there, if you want you can start applying the moment you have your portfolio done. Just FYI junior developers go through TONS of applications before getting a job but it does not hurt to apply.

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Just Build Projects.
Number one moto. You can learn all the technologies you want, but if you cant show what you know and that you can apply your knowledge, it doesn’t mean anything. Just words on a paper.

Make your portfolio. Nothing to loose in practice. Or make anywebsite that you want to see made. Replicate a website if you dont have a website you want to make. Just make stuff.

And then you wont have to ask. Or maybe you will, but you’ll already have a pretty good idea of the answer.


I made quite a few websites but I wonder if I should make a portfolio and find a job with listed skills or should I learn more first

If your proficient in the stuff you listed, mainly JS, HTML5/CSS preferably together, and jQuery, then you already know enough to get a job.

EDIT. But thats not enough to go on. Gotta see some projects otherwise its like saying… you can cook spaghetti? and toast? yea you can get a job as a chef.

Almost all the jobs I see on sites are wanting people who know something like react or angular and sometimes vue.

Decided to check some front-end jobs and 27 of 33 I checked either required or valued people with knowledge of a framework. I only counted non senior generic front-end jobs. Most of these were not junior roles though but I think if your job is not using a modern stack then it probably won’t be the best learning experience.

  1. 1+ year of experience with at least one of these frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, Ember, or Backbone (React preferred).
    Familiarity with Redux, Webpack, Babel, Jenkins

  2. React and Redux
    Grunt and Webpack

  3. Minimum 2 years’ experience with Javascript including minimum 1 year experience with a Javascript framework (Angular preferred)

  4. Strong JavaScript knowledge. Experience with one or more of the following frameworks: Angular, React and React Native.

  5. Experience building single page applications using technologies like React, Angular or other frameworks
    Experience with tools like Webpack and Babel

  6. Production experience with React/Redux or similar frameworks

  7. Experience building a non-trivial Single Page Application (SPA) (Angular or React preferable)

  8. Advanced knowledge of JavaScript and experience with frameworks (React, Angular)

  9. React, React router, CSS modules/ Sass, Redux, Immutablejs, Testing (Mocha + Karma), Redux-Saga, GraphQL, Relay and code examples on Github.

  10. You are experienced in ReactJS, VueJS or similar

  11. Familiarity with Javascript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, Node).

  12. Vue.js

  13. React / React Native
    Redux / Mobx / ngrx

  14. React.js

  15. AngularJS / Angular 2-4

  16. React, React Native

  17. Angular

  18. Angular / Anular 2 / Angu…

  19. React

  20. Relevant experience programing with JavaScript, HTML5 and AngularJS

  21. 1 year Experience with JavaScript, Angular.js or Ember.js

  22. Experience with SPA frameworks (Backbone, ReactJS)
    Experience setting up a work environment with Webpack/Grunt

  23. Extensive experience using Angular 1

  24. JavaScript and Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation or Angular JS

  25. Ideally, you know your way around React.js and have a strong understanding for design

  26. We value experience in using frameworks / libraries to support “client side” development such as Angular.js, React or Node.js

  27. Experience on JS frameworks like AngularJS


For any Front End Developer role (or Design), the first thing people look at (before the CV) is the portfolio. I’ve even heard very senior people say “I think it’s odd when candidates don’t have a portfolio when their profession is building or designing the Front End of apps.”


Looks like I have more learning to do :frowning:

Well you aren’t alone we are all here for that same purpose so don’t fret.