... Is the ES6 section optional?

I sailed through HTML/CSS and JS was going great until I started the ES6 exercises.

I really do not get why the exercises are trying to teach something but then all of a sudden, request the user to make use of concepts which have never been covered before all at the same time. It doesn’t help learning, the quality of these lessons are honestly poor especially when compared to how FCC explains everything else I’ve tried perfectly.

Should I safely move onto Regular Expressions without worry and just come back later?

Further, is there a recommended order of completing JS Algo. and Data Structures Cert. that won’t give me the same issues again?

This is your education and you can skip any parts that you choose. In terms of certificates, only projects are required.

The training wheels are coming off. As you get further into FCC, a big part of what you’re learning is how to lead. The skills of finding resources, using resources, knowing when to ask for help, how to ask good questions, and how to proceed when you feel confused or frustrated are some of the most important for a developer.


I wouldn’t if i’m you. As i currently learn React, many examples and documentation itself it’s done by using ES6.

Okay thanks, I will complete ES6 at the end before doing the projects then.

Going through basic data structures and .splice, .slice, .push and so on are explained here much better so it feels a lot more natural doing this section first before ES6

JavaScript should be handled one of two ways (I would prefer the latter):

  1. Put ES6 at the end of the "Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification" curriculum. Presently subjects are covered in the ES6 section before they’ve been addressed at all. E.g., the "Use class Syntax to Define a Constructor Function" in the ES6 section comes before "Object-Oriented Programming". I suspect lots of people start from the top and work down the curriculum.

  2. Better yet: Isn’t it time, in 2019, to just integrate ES6 into the curriculum, rather than it being sequestered off in it’s own section?

I agree, except when it comes to the OOP section. Honestly, the tutorials using Object.create are some of the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to understanding JS’s OO system – the new operator is just wacky and behaves like nothing else, whereas Object.create is very straightforward (if a little boilerplate-ish). One should definitely understand that system before jumping straight into class syntax.

Yes, this is a case, it seems to me, where the ES6 syntactic sugar obscures how things work under the hood enough that the traditional stuff should certainly be taught. But I think they ought to introduce class, extends, etc, in the same section, after the ES5 – certainly not have it off in a completely separate ES6 section.

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