Is the order correct for the JavaScript and Data Certification course

I’m pretty new to coding and just finished the Basic JavaScript tab. I jumped into ES6 next figuring the tabs were in order. However I started getting into some things that weren’t covered yet. I read in another forum that I should ES6 last. Just curious if the rest can be done in order or any advice from someone who’s already finished the whole section?

There is a lot of discussion when it comes to this part of the curriculum. It does put things in front of you that you haven’t learned yet. Some people suggest a different order. The further you move along in the curriculum the more you will need to do your own research. More like the real world some would say. I did all the course work in order and got my full stack certificate about a month ago. So it can be done in order.

This is neat.

I find ES6 to be worth learning early because there are some features and syntax that can help you a lot in the other sections.

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Thanks for the reply. Been doing some research but wanted to know what experience of others was as well, so as not to waste time.