Is the old version of freeCodeCamp worth to start with at the moment?

Hello to everyone here from Belarus in the person of myself :slight_smile: My apologies if I duplicated someone’s similiar topic about new FCC ver. to start that is still in the beta. I’ve got some basic HTML, CSS, JS skills from codecademy + watched some online video courses such as WebDev Bootcamp, JS: und. the weird parts, advanced JS, practical JS with Gordon Zhu to keep up with and I’m going to start FCC course now, I’d said AGAIN, from the scratch with renewed strength to get some practiсe.
So the main question is: is it worth to be patient and wait untill new developed version of FCC will come out?

Thank for your advices in advance and sorry for my english :slight_smile: !

No, don’t delay due to waiting for the beta to be done. The material in the old version is still very much relevant and you’ll learn a ton with just that alone. I think the main reason why they launched beta was to 1. fix any bugs that might have been in the original (nothing huge that would prevent you from learning) and 2. To roll out the certificates in a new way.

The original FCC is the perfect place to start getting better at HTML, CSS, JS. Most of the projects from the various paths in the original are still are part of the ciricculum in beta by the way.

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Thank you for parting words.

Yes, I agree with Nicknyr.

Start on the release version. There is a lot of overlap. I would also recommend saving all of your work to easily zip through the beta challenges. (In many cases it may not matter - in the release version only challenges with an asterisk next to them are required - presumably it will be similar in the beta.)

But saving code is a good idea. You can even start archiving them on github. Github is very important for web dev and getting used to it would be a good thing.

Plus, the beta has been “just about to come out” for a long time now. I’m not criticizing - it’s a big task being done by volunteers. I just mean that I would not recommend that anyone put off until beta comes out. People have been asking this same question since I joined almost a year ago. It seems to be getting closer to release, but I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to hold off. Just go for it and at some point beta will go live and you’ll make a fairly smooth transition as you sail through the sections you’ve already done, picking up a few new tricks along the way.

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