Is there any website to practice SQL?

I’m trying to get comfortable with sql, procedures and functions. Can you guys recommend anything?

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One approach is to use or similar fiddle web sites. They’re especially handy if you want to try things on different makes and models of database server. But you can’t use them to handle more than a small amount of data.

Another approach (better in my opinion) is to download and run a free development version of a database server. All the majors have development versions.

Find yourself some nice open (freely-available) data to play around with. The easiest format to import into SQL is “csv” Read this FCC article for some pointers.

Here’s some timely data: The New York Times newspaper’s pandemic statistics. It’s in csv format, so it’s fairly straightforward to import into your own database server.

Keep this in mind: the language for stored procedures and stored functions varies, a lot, between makes of database server.

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Great advice thank you!

you can find SQL between the languages available at codewars too:

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