Is there much work for the creators of web pages?

Hello, i’m only 15 years old (i’m learning about programming), and I was wondering if in a few years there will be many jobs for this area? And where can i get a job?.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes. There will be plenty of jobs in this area as is it now.

There are a lot of websites where u can land a job. Just google it in your area. :slight_smile:

Yes and you don’t need a few years. HTML/CSS, a touch of JS, and hosting them in server are enough for building websites for small business and individuals.

Really? Where is the work for guys with “HTML/CSS, a touch of JS”?

Sure, 10-15 years ago that was cutting edge. But now? People can build better sites than that for free on WordPress of the like. I’m not saying that no one will pay for you do something they can do for free, but they aren’t going to pay much. Again, they can build sites that will blow away “HTML/CSS, a touch of JS” for free by spending and afternoon on WordPress.

Even if that weren’t true, “HTML/CSS, a touch of JS” is something most people can learn in a few weeks. Do you expect a job that would take a few weeks to master to pay well?

I’m not trying to discourage anyone. There is still work, it’s just going to take more work to get there. But the harder it is to get there - that just means higher salaries and better job security.

Look if you want. Let us know what you find. But study in the mean time and make yourself more marketable.


People with such (lack of) skills are still building websites, for large clients. I get to enjoy their work whenever I pay bills online, look for restaurant information, do anything online involving the government (always with the Flash), educational institutions, etc. The jobs are out there, whether you want them or not.

I suspect a lot of these are being built by coders in third world countries doing it for $3/hr. There are just tooooooo many people out there with that minimal level of skill.