Is this allowed or is considered cheating?

Hello everybody,
I just finished all the courses from the basic web development (html, css),and I am ready to tackle the first project, but before doing so, I got a question:
I can’t seem to remember everything I learned, for instance I know the doctype must be included,also the head, body and footer, but I don’t remember everything from memory. Is it considered cheating if I scroll through the curriculum while working on the project? For instance I want to make a gradient, I can’t remember exactly the command, so is it ok to look things up when I am stuck, or I should do everything from my memory?
Thanks for the help.

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No, looking up things is totally fine and in fact something you will ALWAYS do, especially when working.
On a job, nobody cares where you get working code from, as long as it works. Hence use as many resources and whatnot to be able to quickly get whatever you need.

Programming is about putting code together, not about memorizing syntax. That’s why many programming-tools do even include auto-complete for all kinds of stuff and base-templates for websites.

On a side note, is a great place to look up a lot of syntax :wink:
You can also scroll through the curriculum.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is looking at the solutions of others. Unless maybe when you really stuck, though then you can still ask questions here.


Thank you.
I do not intend to look up other people’s solutions, I just want to look up syntax, like I know what I need but don’t remember it.
Thank you very much, gonna get things started.

To be honest I’ve been actively learning programming for past 2.5 years and working for over a year, and now I convinced 4 of my friends to start learning frontend development and sometimes they message me asking some basic questions, and one thing I realize that often I don’t really know what to answer - I simply forgot :slight_smile:

So it is totally find to google, that’s what you will have to do a lot when working, so indeed - googling is one of the most important skills for a programmer

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