I've published my first website

here is my portfolio:
What do you think??

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Not the best of portfolios; design could be cleaner; but you got something good going.

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Go through your page again and think about the function of everything that is on the page.

  • Do you need this particular element on the page?
  • If yes, is it presented in a way that makes sense?

My first thoughts when going through your page: why am I looking at a digital brain? Ow it is a slideshow. Why am I looking at a map of the world? Why are any of these images relevant?

I have now taken more time and energy than necessary to look at a slideshow of images that in no way contribute to what you want to achieve with this page. It’s great that you have the technical skill to create a slideshow, but just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.

I don’t follow why your blog and projects use the same icon. The icon doesn’t suit either of them. For blog, consider an icon of a page. For projects, maybe the </> icon will do.

Lastly: spell check. If you were looking to hire someone, how would you feel if their portfolio was full of spelling mistakes? A page full of spelling mistakes is an easy and unnecessary way to lose someone’s interest.


I am sorry to say it, but my first thought was :

This design comes from the late 90s or early 00s

Everything on this page is glowing: the contrasting yellow font on the black background, the slideshow which is basically screaming “look at me! look at me!” but doesn’t convey any relevant information. This could possibly work as a retro-style website and be a positive experience if it was meant to be one, but the goal of your page is to showcase your achievements and your projects, and it seems you made it retro not on purpose.

Another really sad thing are the spelling mistakes: I would not hire someone who does not care about spelling. Please run your texts through Grammarly, for example. Or any other similar tool.

Good job at making your portfolio responsive using Bootstrap, it was a decent work!

I would advise you to re-visit the chapter about color schemes and contrast usage on a web page and re-think the whole palette of this website. To me as a user, there are way too many colors on the page which distract me from focusing on the content, and the black background made a depressing impact.

The “Our services” part left me puzzled. Looked like a random collection of words from the IT world. Maybe consider making that section a slideshow? With every point explained, with concrete examples and showcases of the used technologies & your skills.

I gotta praise the usage of <section>, <header>,<nav> and <footer> tags from HTML5 : they really help structure the page! Why not use the <main> one too? Also, please remove the commented code that you left there ( the one with the “home-tiles” id ).

Best of luck with further work! Don’t get discouraged please, everything is a learning experience for each of us here.


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I like your tagline on your page, “Stay high…Stay connected”. Always my dude, always…

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Hi can suggest a modern looking theme for yourwebsite so it is easy in the eyes. Just my thought though.

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Hello man. On the page
nav button that opens a nav list doesnt working

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thank you guys for your honest feedback, actually I decided to build a new website and it is nearly done… I will post it here when it is ready.
thanks again.