Java practice, i dont know how to learn java

Is there any way to practice learning java by emulating projects others have done? im not quite sure how to learn the language.

You talking about java or JavaScript?
The only option to practice is to practice and do projects. Think about what you want the program to do for you and go from there.

This will start so slow that I’m sure you’ll manage:

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@lynx Wow, that looks slower than codecademy.

@eekamouse Sololearn is a good website to quickly get a hang of the very basic stuff. It’s easy and very relaxing to do, more like a game as they describe it, learn while playing.

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Five Step Guide to Learning a Language:

  1. Decide why you want to learn this language and what it will help you to do. Why Java instead of C#? Why Java instead of JavaScript? If you can’t seriously answer this question, google it or ask before you move on.
  2. Find a good tutorial - this can be a book, youtube series, udemy course, etc. Make sure it outlines the basics and gives you ways to practice.
  3. Build things. If you are using Java for backend web development, hop over to the freeCodeCamp backend projects, and build them with Java. If you are doing it for Android apps, emulate a favorite app just like you said
  4. Connect with others who are building things in Java. This will definitely help you out a lot.
  5. Keep learning and practicing new things. Languages don’t stop growing - neither should you. Learn a new framework or API. Learn a new way to use the language. Learn more advanced topics about the language. And above all, just keep building new things.

Good luck!


Have you tried and if you really mean java and not javascript.

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This is necroposting done well!

I was reading through thinking ‘Oh, no one mentioned the Finnish Mooc, I better add it’, only to see that last post - excellent suggestion! Great course!

I think spamming paid-for courses on a free coding forum is very poor form

If anyone else reads this thread I emplore you to find absolutely anywhere else than that site

I would start with the following free resources:

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