JavaScript Certification Could be Restructured

I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel it would be great if the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course could be restructured. Just like the Responsive Web Design Certification, the certification projects could be done after few courses.

It would help learners easily remember what they’ve learned and stick in the brain while repeating the functions and applying it on different projects.


It is in progress. That sort of work takes a lot of time.


Very well then, good to know it’s WIP. :muscle:t5:

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Definately , also they should add a vissual example or a .gif image just to make the learner learn with more fun and interaction,

and the point when they are telling limitation or boundaries of any operator, es6 function or anything , they should put a real life example for the reader so he can recall or even make a strong concept why and where his solution conflicts with the limitations


Gifs are hard to dynamically translate.

Not just you, I agree. I’m trying to figure out when I should take on the first project, and so far have no clue. There is NO way I’m going to remember half of the stuff I need to, to complete these projects at the end, so I am pretty intimidated.

Its fine to save the projects to the end. You don’t need to memorize the course to tackle the projects. None of us memorize everything.

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Thanks a lot Jeremy, that actually makes me feel a little better!

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use git with it,
commit your code ,
share the git link for job proposal
and keep going from fCC to LeetCode tests.

I am planning the same.

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