Javascript on Codecamp

WHYYY are the lessons really hard! The solutions are requiring code from 40 lessons ago that I can’t even remember. :frowning:

You can always go back and look things up. In fact, I recommend it. As a professional developer, I look stuff up all the time.

Programming is hard, so learning programming is also pretty hard. You can do it though!

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I think it is a really good idea to constantly apply everything you learn because in code it really is a use it or lose it sort of game. Some things you’ll just never end up having to use that much so you really will have to look up that stuff when you do have to use it. Just knowing that certain tools exist goes a long way, even if you don’t know how to use something its just good to know that it exist so you can easily research it when you need to.


For coding, it’s totally fine to look up references at any time. You aren’t expected to already know how to solve problems or remember every tool.

For example, I don’t usually use Switch statements or Symbols. Because problem solving isn’t linear, you don’t need to rely on one tool to solve problems either.

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