Javascript or JSF for web based application with Oracle DB


I need to create an application that will be used for telecom operator, the database will be oracle but it is required to be web based application.
So really I am thinking if to use JSF or Vaadin or to use javascript with Python? My initial idea that javascript is giving more flexibility special if we used python for server side code where javascript will be used for client side development and will call python methods using APIs. But of course JSF is also strong and java code has a lot of functionalities. If I was need to create a desktop application, for sure I will use java swing or javafx and will not look for python or javascript, but because the application needs to be web based, so I am confused what to use.

Also, if using javascript is the recommended option for my case, then is it recommended to use python for server code or to use java code (just for server side)?

Appreciate the kindly advise and help.