Not sure what to use

So I started off learning html, css, some php. Back in the day i wrote a few visual basic programs. So I have a minimalist background to start with.

I’m looking to create a web based application to have a live scoreboard and hold player stats and registration information. I know I can do all this in php but was thinking that is a bit outdated. What should I be looking to use to code something like this and have the ability to add API to show player stats on another website?

Hey there @reaser,

here’s a little fun checklist for JavaScript

  • You know HTML, CSS
  • You’re making a web application.


  • You know some PHP.

Hey, looks like your specification goes well with JavaScript. :tada:

You are wanting to build a web application, and as you will hear this a lot in the web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is the Web Trinity. They are built to be interactive to each other. HTML is the base, CSS is the styling and polishing, and JavaScript is the logic/brain of the whole application.

You said you know some PHP, which is actually beneficial in learning JS, because it turned out, they have a lot of the similar logics. So learning JavaScript will be like a refresher with some new context.

In conclusion, Javascript is the way to go. Today, JavaScript is a DO IT ALL programming language. Not only it will give logic to websites, it can do server side logic too. It can create desktop applications using frameworks. It can also make mobile applications with the right frameworks. So by learning JavaScript, you’re opening up to a lot more opportunity to learn other interesting stuff.

And, FCC teaches from the basics of Javascript all the way to algorithm scripting. So why don’t you go ahead and try to learn JavaScript.

Happy Coding!


This is a great explanation of how they work together and choosing a solution. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely start working on learning JS thank you.

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