Javascript problems help please

So I’m working on my JavaScript projects and I’ve realized that I don’t know nothing if anything about JavaScript after doing all the lessons and sololearn too.
has anyone had this problem that would like to help me?

Well, I was in the same boat as you. In fact, I am restarting my coding journey to better myself at javascript and beyond.

I don’t know if my advice will be helpful to you. But, I can tell you this. Learning the syntax of coding through lessons is not enough. The key to being good at coding is problem-solving.

This is what I will be doing when I get to JS stage and beyond.

I would say find tutorials and follow along with what they are creating. When you do, add a comment in the editor to each code and explain to yourself what are they meant to do. This is one way to teach yourself as well as warming up to being in a coding environment flow.

When you have learned something new from a lesson, create examples of them with different outputs. Also, create super-mini projects and set yourself some questions - what problem are there and what are your (or end-users’) goals to solve it?

Hope this helps and good luck


It would be easier to help if you provide a bit of context, like what kind of the projects are working on? Sometimes it’s not really a JS problem.

recently I solved an algorithm in python without knowing anything about python

how did I do that?
well, I read carefully what was asked, studied what each output should be for each input
and then I took a notepad and a pen, jotted down those things, switched off the computer
and started writing the steps in my own words, smallest the steps the better
once I finished I tried a few times writing down how the variables change for each step

then, once I was sure it worked I returned to the computer and converted in code
I needed to do a lot of research
there was a line that was about splitting a string, I searched how that is done in python
I needed to concatenate strings, I searched how to do that in python
and so on

at the end, I had a working algorithm, maybe not the best one could have done, but I did it

try with this method

Rething the way you are learning things. That’s what helped me a bunch.