JavaScript Seems Like Mountain

I’ve completed basic javascript lesson in freecodecamp. I understood each and every concepts . I took a course on udemy on suggestion of someone, but I am not getting things . I hate copying tutorials code on my system. I just can’t understand it. I feel very demotivated , when I can’t do things. Please help me? Sometime I feel I should leave this and do something else .
I’m not getting interest :frowning: Please suggest me something

I like to do switch off between projects and tutorials. Mostly I do projects, though. Try to apply what you learn so far! It will be challenging to try something new. It can also just be with a very simple code but when it works, you will feel a boost of motivation. You can start out by following a tutorial on youtube and replicate if you don’t know where to start…


Programming is hard and will challenge you every step of the way. It could be that you are moving too fast and are going to the next step in the tutorial too quickly.

Have a look at The Odin Project which is more of structured course. It uses freeCodeCamp tutorials as part of the curriculum so links in very well.


That site looks great ! Thanks for such a great suggestion :slight_smile:

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