Job ready portfolio? Feedback

I just finished my final portfolio. Before I start applying for jobs with it, I’d like some feedback.
Things I already know

  • Need to purchase an actual domain name. Currently using default free one.
  • Need to upload an actual picture of myself instead of a Happy Rock.

My Portfolio

Hi mate,

I like your site. One quick thing. I would make your logo a link back to your homepage. It is often that people just click on that because it is common that is links back :slight_smile:


Thanks, seems right.

My suggestion is when displaying your projects, have layout more in alignment with each other. Your overall site design has straight lines (with the exception of the rounded corners of the project thumbnails), so when I see the following, it looks kind of jumbled and messy.


I don’t like that “scale effect” when you hover these buttons. That seems like a “blur-effect” that is not so congruent with the rest of your Portfolio. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.
The mixed size layout only seems to work if there are at least 6 project thumbnails being displayed.

Since some categories don’t meet this criteria it makes sense to remove this layout for now.