jQuery - fadeIn on page load

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I’m trying to get the animation to fadein on page load. I have many other various animations working on page load on other projects but this one refuses. could anyone help please

wand end (codepen.io)

Which part of the CSS you have written is an attempt to create the fade in effect and do you have an example of another project where you were successfully faded in the animation?

it’s okay now thank you. I used css keyframes for the animation instead and set the animations to start after a specified time.

I have an entirely different question for you though if you could take a look I would appreciate.
eye ball rolling (codepen.io)

So in here the white circle rotates around the black circle but i can’t get the black circle to also rotate around the orange circle

You will need to add a transition property to .eye-colour to have the orange color of the eye to move.

ahhh yes. thank you i forgot about that.