JS frameworks for web game dev? Construct2, Impact, what else?

ISO recommendations for JavaScript frameworks for developing web games that are later ported to iOS.

I’d be especially curious to learn if you have moved from Impact to another framework why and what that experience was like and how easy was it to port your code from Impact to the other framework.


Thanks for your reply! I’m asking as a product manager as opposed to as a newbie web dev. We are using Impact over here but I think it’s dated. I’ll have a look at Phaser.

You are correct. Impact is dated. (Do you still have to pay for it?)

I second the opinion about Phaser. I’d even say you don’t have to look any further. Phaser is very feature rich very actively maintained and fast to learn given the extensive Demo library.

I’ve successfully packaged for native desktop using Electron and Mobile using Intel Crosswalk which is compatible with iOS too so it should also work. (Also there is Phonegap/Cordova as P1xt mentioned)

There won’t be the Weltmeister Editor in Phaser but Phaser reads the Tiled Map Format which has an Opensource Editor http://www.mapeditor.org/

Thank you for your detailed feedback. Yeah, I think one does still have to pay for Impact looking at the website. I did have a quick look at the dev’s Twitter feed just now though (https://twitter.com/phoboslab) and he’s actively maintaining and using it himself, which was reassuring.