Landing page help. 🤞

Hello everyone,

I’m currently doing the landing page challenge. I’ve been doing html and css for a couple of months now.
but I can’t find a solution to why in mobile view my screen slides side to side I feel I should know this… :joy::joy::joy: but I’m still a newbie I suppose. I know I’ve got quite a few issues to iron out, finish in other areas.
Anyway Thank you and can I say what a great site & community. :muscle:

Are you talking about a horizontal scroll bar?

I looked on my phone, the footer spills over a little bit. (This happens at 380px and below)
I checked out your html and there is a syntax error at the end of the html.

Once I fixed that issue it seems to be fine.

Yes the horizontal scroll bar I’ll look now at that error.
Thanks for looking :+1:

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