Last detail in Portifolio page

good evening, i’m currently just about to finish the personal portifolio page but i can’t pass
layout #2: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.

i’ve read topics about it telling me to add a snippet of code and then add the viewport meta tag clicking on the gear at code pen page and then clicking on the link provided. did that. didn’t work.

2nd issue: i can’t seem to be able to adjust the size of the welcome section and margin of product section, so it is displaced.

3rd and final issue: when i scroll down, the nav bar doesn’t hide the header when passing through it, like it does on the rest of the page

the link:

i’ve been stuck trying to figure it out for hours before coming here to ask for help.
so if anyone can help, i’d really appreciate it.

  • Regarding the height of welcome-section, You’ve element with id welcome-section… Take a look at your css, at the welcome-section selector… You’ll be able to pass the test

You’ve defined .welcome-section instead of #welcome-section in the css

  • 2nd issue will also be solved by fixing the selector in css
  • For the third one, I think you’re talking about your name showing up above the navbar, just set z-index: 999; for the navbar… It’ll be fixed

hi mukeshgurpude, thank you so much, it really worked and i’m now able to pass. the z-index also worked.

only thing is: the 2nd issue was not fixed. i actually managed to fix it by changing the welcome section height from 100vh to 25.5vh, however, using this method made me fail the layout #2 once again. so in order to pass i had to leave it misplaced.

maybe i’m asking too much since you already helped me, but if possible, can you have a look at it to give some insight on what might be happening? thanks again.

never mind, got it… thanks again, all 100% now