Last responsive project: portfolio


I’ve finished my portfolio page, and have submitted it to freeCodeCamp.
Feedback as always welcome.

What happens next? Is it going to be reviewed and will I get the certification or do you have to request it?

Looks good and responsive enough, though the welcome section seems a bit out of place on small screen:

And you can claim certification in your freeCodeCamp account settings page after signing the Academic Honesty Policy.

That’s weird, I’ve tested it on Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X and the two media queries worked fine. Which OS are you using?

Smallest screen possible, width 500px.

Try checking through Responsive Design mode (Ctrl+Shift+M) in Firefox. Or this.

Thanks, I had never heard of the responsive design mode before and it looks like a great tool. Even though I had only tested it for a minimum width of 500px, it still looks ok at 400px, but not below that.

However, how many screens actually have a width of 400px or less? I looked it up and I found that some LCD screens for the Raspberry Pi with a width of less than 3" have a width of less than 400px. After some extra searching I also found a cheap 5" smartphone with a screen width of 480px. But how much effort and time should you spend on catering for such small screens?

The pre-built screens in responsive mode are for android and various apple products, you can’t really ignore those! Mobile viewports are way smaller, and sites should know how to handle those.