Late start to a forever journey

Hello all! Really looking to just put myself out there and network a bit, maybe get some advice, maybe learn a thing or two. I’m 38, a US military member that just recently broke his back and it really looks like I’ll be getting medically retired. Doing what I’ve done my job skills are not ones that I can use anymore. Looking to leverage a high-level security clearance and my soft-skills mixed with a bit of formal education, and new tech skills to transition into a job that provides for my family and doesn’t break my body anymore than it already is. Starting with FreeCodeCamp and working with trying to get an apprenticeship before fully leaving the military. If nothing else keep me in mind and send good learning and coding vibes my way over the next 12-18 months while I figure out how to drink an ocean of knowledge very quickly!

Thanks for any words of wisdom, direction, or support I can get as I begin. I look forward to contributing and learning as much as I can from this community and other similar ones as I traverse into this next season of my life.



Hello and Welcome @tyjaha !

I am sorry to hear of your broken back. Take care with your recovery. Sending blessing and prayers out to you and your family.

By joining freecodecamp to learn, and earn ceritification, you are taking a big step to enjoying a great group of people who offer support along your coding journey.

Free Code Camp Inc, as I have learned, is a great place for beginners, of any age, to start their programming journey. I started about a year ago, left and came back. It is a very open and welcoming community, along with great platform layout for us to learn.
No question is ever viewed as silly, dumb or stupid. We all learn from questioning and finding answers.

I suggest beginning with the Responsive Web Design as it is a gentle way to begin learning to code programs.

Another important thing to know is that ‘we cannot remember all of the syntax and structure’ There is too much of it. But, that said, searching the web for help with coding is seen as a good way to progress.

If you are not aware of it, yet, freeCodeCamp has a ‘You Tube’ channel that provides step by step guidance through the learning process.

This is just a small touch on what this fabulous platform, great staff, leaders, volunteers and community offer us.

Wishing you a complete recovery, @tyjaha ! Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Smooth coding.


It’s never a late start! Dedication always pays. The human mind can learn anything…
Happy coding!


Thank you for your encouraging words! Trying to stay on FCC an hour a day and not get the ADHD of bouncing anywhere else for practical application until I complete the Responsive Web Design and JavaScript pieces of the curriculum. I want to get involved in the community and forums as soon as I can and really commit to the space and the journey! Any other resources you’d recommend for learning platforms? I listen to FCC’s podcast and I’m making my list of things to dive into post HTML, CSS, and JavaScript curriculum.


Dedication I have. That and a pretty huge “why.” I’m so glad I enjoy this and that it seems there are lots of advancing opportunities coming with AI and new ways to integrate the fundamentals into the structure of development. Thank you for your encouragement!


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I’m with you bro. 36, 3 kids, full time job.
I’m looking for a career change within the next 18-24 months.
It’s so hard to keep going but I’ve got to keep my eye on the end goal!

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Awesome! Good luck! I’d be down to collab and partner on some things depending on how far along you are and such!


Welcome to the coding world, here are few suggestions from 44+ year old guy who spent 2 decades in software testing and later learnt coding, now working as developer.

If you wish to be Mobile / Web Developer follow below path

  1. Learn HTML & CSS
  2. Build as many projects ( Refer to frontendmentor website )
  3. Repeat above steps for JS / TS and React ( web ) / React Native ( mobile )

But looking at 2024, I would like to suggest you take different path to be most eligible and high paying job ready

  1. AI / ML
  2. Robotics

Checkout jobs page of Tesla AI, Figure AI, Nvidia Humanoid Robot page ( )

As Web and Mobile developers are plenty across globe, why not jump into new world of tech and be job relevant for next 2 decades ?

Just fyi… I’m from India and few of the top, reputated IT service company CEO has told that AI will make 1/3 - 1/2 developers’ job irrelevant by this decade end.

All the very best, god bless you.

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Thank you for your inisight! The more I get into things the more I am leaning that way as I foresee AI being the future in many ways. I am currently in the responsive web design curriculum. I think that, from my limited experience and research, a fundamental understanding of design through HTML & CSS with JS will set me up to be able to jump into a glidepath and utilize new technologies as a tool to perform at the highest level. It is also fun, so I can really enjoy these first months of knowledge ingestion as I try to drink what @QuincyLarson referenced in his book as an “ocean of knowledge” in a short time with an ever-changing and rapidly developing technical world. Especially now.

Thank you again for your encouragement and insight from experience!