Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

my code works fine and i passed this challenge cause it shows on the console,but when i submit the live link to the FCC it keeps saying Test timed out.when i run it the replit live link shows some text like automated test... and suddenly vanishes and shows replit is waking up.it can not be internet connection problem because i am using 4G hotspot network from my phone. i tried with opera,chrome,brave,microsoft edge many times from yesterday.but does not work.should i try gltich for this course.
i am having such kind of issue repeatedly on many courses,can any body give me any suggestion to avoid such thing,thanks in advance.
here is the link to the project:https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/quality-assurance/quality-assurance-and-testing-with-chai/learn-how-javascript-assertions-work
here is the link to replit with the project:boilerplate-mochachai - Replit
here is my live link:https://boilerplate-mochachai.aynuayex.repl.co

I’m no replit expert but I’ve literally just finished the QA certification and found that running QA tests often crashed my repls too, much as you describe.

I have no idea what causes it, only that when you disable the tests from running, the repl remains awake and stable (as you will have the means to do in later challenges).

A workaround to allow you to pass the challenges for now though is to complete the code for the relevant challenge and then STOP your repl. Now submit the link to FCC, whilst your repl is stopped. This will prompt your repl to restart and pass the challenge on the FCC website before it crashes again.

I would really appreciate if someone cleverer than me could explain what the issue might be and how it could be permanently resolved however?


thanks i will try that.

WOW!that worked,unbelievable and your explanation very logical.

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