Learning pure JS

How do I learn pure JavaScript and from what or where, I need it for my PlayCanvas projects and it is just different for the one used with HTML, so it confuses me and I seem to be really bad at it. Can anyone help?

Hey there @Adna11 !

You mentioned PlayCanvas, the scripting portion of making a project is indeed in JavaScript and here’s a piece of the documentation that explains it

Scripting | Learn PlayCanvas.

I suggest you go through the documentation to learn more about how JavaScript fits into PlayCanvas. The FCC JavaScript course is a bit long and goes pretty in-depth so I suggest something more lightwieght. Here’s three options I think might be good for you with the third being a video course.

  1. https://javascript.info/
  2. https://www.javascripttutorial.net/
    3.Learn JavaScript - A Free 7-hour Interactive Tutorial

Hope this helps!

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I think checking out the fCC JS curriculum isn’t a bad idea if you want to learn JS for games. Game code is (usually) fairly algorithm and math heavy so learning about the basics will likely pay off.

As for the code used in PlayCanvas. You will have to learn about its API (classes, methods, properties, and so on). So the docs are your best bet. They also have a tutorials section.

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