Learning Web Server Basics and More

Hi everyone! I am new here, and to coding really, and have just started some basic courses. I do have a pretty good understanding of websites and the Internet, as I work in SEO and have built a website using Wordpress (though I did require help with some setup and design, mainly CSS and PHP which is why I am here so I can do it myself in the future)!

However, I am looking to learn more about all of the stuff that goes into building the website and deploying it, mainly the basics of web servers, configuration, browsers / client side, hosting, DNS, domain name management, caching, HTTP/s, protocols, htaccess, robots.txt, FTP, and all of that type of stuff that goes into actually getting a site on the web, deploying, managing and maintaining it…the nitty gritty details that doesn’t necessarily fall into learning a language.

I have learned a lot via trial and error of running the website I put together on Wordpress, but would love a course or book that really goes into all of that, and I don’t see anything really like that on here…

Thank you!

There might be some stuff on Udemy. They’ll have courses for cheap sometimes.

Ok, but I am not really sure what I am looking for…web server admin? Webmaster?

Sorry I can’t help much. I’m not expert at this. But you can look at the course information before you buy any courses.

I’d say another keyword you might consider is [server] networking (not to be confused with social networking hahaha). [Server] networks seem to be what you are ultimately getting at. Then again, maybe not.

I do thank you for your input!

Unfortunately this is one of those areas that’s criminally overlooked by textbooks and online courses, and is generally learned through a combination of school and/or experience. I personally learned all this stuff dating back to my early days with Windows (version 3.1), back when dial-up modems had to be manually configured (when I learned about DNS), and websites used HTML4 (when I first learned FTP to manage a personal website).

There are a few different “arenas” within this field that can generally be referred to as system administration, server administration, and networking. Probably the best way to learn is by Googl’ing all of the different terms that you come across, and reading as many resources as possible.

Some specific resources that might be helpful:


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Yeah. I have to agree with astv99.

Incredibly helpful, thank you…

Where do learning about files like htaccess and robots.txt play into all, and learning redirects, url rewriting, and all that stuff? Does that fall into servers?

All of these features/topics are handled on the back end by a server.