Linux is fun where could one learn it?

Seriously asking, for a friend. Is it hard to learn?

I agree that using Linux can be fun, but “learning” it is a bit vague. Do you mean to develop for it or to use it.

If you mean to just use it, popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu and elementary OS are fairly accessible to people used to using computers already.

However, if you mean to develop for Linux, that might take a while because you’ll need to know the C programming language and computer architecture, among other things.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck to your friend!

I’d recommend installing it onto a virtual machine so when you mess something up, it won’t also break your day to day computer. If the VM gets buggered up, it won’t affect your base OS, and it’s easy enough to start over again if you need to.

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I like The Linux Command Line by William Shotts. The author is kind enough to make it freely downloadable here: The first 6 or 7 chapters give you a good overview of the essential parts of navigating a Linux environment.


Go to Cisco’s and you can sign up for free self-paced (online) classes, of which there is a Linux unhatched course which is good for seeing if it’s really for you. If you like it, then go for the Linux Essentials and then the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 courses. They are progressively in-depth and you really learn alot.

It’s not hard to learn and you can’t let your head get caught up in “I can’t remember what this letter option is.” They have chapter labs that you can take over and over. You’ll get it. You just have to keep doing it. Enjoy!

Getting a hands-on experience with the Linux distros, as well as how to install a distro and even set up a complete back up server from scratch at UDEMY. The course has been designed for newbies and beginners, but it does require you have to some type of familiarity with any of the Linux distros to help make the transition easier. Get started here - Projects in Linux - Learn Linux Doing Real World Projects