Looking for advice direction


Recently furloughed from a Pre-Covid struggling company (meaning good possibility that my furlough will turn into a lay-off). I am 55 years old. I have years of web experience with CMS’s (mid 2000’s)

Since I have been off work - I am now 70% through the JavaScript curriculum on fCC. (Determined not to sit around).

I am looking for advice with two issues. Really hoping folks here could provide some advice, maybe some morale support.

Learning Javascript is great & this site is awesome in introducing the concepts. BUT - I am looking for tutorials that join JS with practical web design examples.

Meaning - how does this Javascript work, in practice, in websites? To me that is the goal of many folks here. (It is at least my guess). I have bough a Udemy course on Full Stack - but it goes at a blisteringly fast pace, and while they say it is for beginners - it clearly is not.

Does anyone have any advice? I would really, really appreciate it.


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The part that you’re in is the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section. It’s teaching you how JavaScript works as a language before tying it into the bigger picture. If you peek ahead at the projects in the Front End Libraries section, you’ll see that the next step is building interactive web pages with JavaScript.

theres quite a few good courses on udemy , that will teach you the basics, and have you building things with javascript.

BUT, it’ll be good for you to come back here and do the projects, as your forced to think for yourself, to see how you’d approach things.

It will make you better in the long run

Here is a short intro on MDN

Here is a playlist with some hands-on stuff, the first video is basic JS but the next is about the DOM and then some projects follow.

But you will likely end up learning about some libs/frameworks like React or Vue soon enough and that is a different approach. But having a solid understanding of plain JS DOM manipulation is not a bad idea and can help even when using libs/frameworks.


You can watch youtube videos for learning the javascript into deeper…
freecodeacademy also has a youtube channel…
or you can visit some other channels for learning better…
programming with mosh
& guess what all of the resources are free
you don’t have to pay at all… so enjoy learning :blush:
and sir, you are also a inspiration… Because at this age, you have great willing to learn programming… :ok_hand: :ok_hand: