Looking for feedback on my first project - Tribute Page

Hello there,

Completed my first project on freeCodeCamp -> tribute page recently. Also used -> timeline code repo and modified it to my use case in the project.

Would be very happy to get some feedback.

The timeline is a neat idea but I’m not sure I like the implementation. For starters, I’m not crazy about having two vertical scrollbars on the page. Also, at narrow view ports the timeline doesn’t modify its display to a single column and thus the content boxes get very narrow. This may not be a concern at the default font size but increase the font size just a little and content starts breaking out of the white boxes.

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Thanks for taking time to provide feedback @bbsmooth. The two vertical scrollbars was bad according to me too but I just went with it to understand more about ::before and ::after.

@premkiran7, something to revisit;

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