Losing Interest in Programming

I’m a first-year computer science engineering student, but I’m starting to lose interest in programming. I’ve learned Python, C, C++, and built some basic websites with Flask/Django and MySQL. However, I’m struggling to find exciting projects or contribute to open source due to my lack of experience.

Any advice on how to reignite my passion for programming or find more engaging projects? Your help would be appreciated!

Projekte die anderen Helfen, Sachen verbessern würden. Zukunftsweisende Sachen oder helfende Projekt wie: Bedeutung von Wörter, Fremdwörter; Apps für Seebehinderte Menschen, Behinderte Menschen, die in fremden Städten damit besser zurecht kommen…etc.


Are you losing interest just in programming or IT in general?

If it is the first, maybe moving into architecture and operations would be an option. Programming is just small part of them, you are more involved in building systems and infrastructure. You can already start as a student by building budget private clouds with used computers.

For one thing, it’s ok to discover that you don’t enjoy something that you thought you would. That’s part of what you learn about yourself in univeristy. You might want to consider other degree options. While I don’t agree with the extreme view that you need to be “passionate” about your career, I do think that programming is difficult and frustrating enough that you have to find it interesting.

I wouldn’t worry about this too much. Focus on your schoolwork. Try to push your assigned projects beyond the bare requirements and make the most of them.
I also think it’s worth noting that very often the subject of a software project won’t be very exciting. Most of us devs are building things like billing platforms, logistics managers, industrial toolchains, and so on. It’s interesting because it’s hard to do, not because it’s cool to talk about.