Mentorship / Pairing

Hi All,

Looking to give back and am willing to help mentor / pair program remotely with people every so often. Is this something people are interested in?


Hi @Codemetheus
While I personally am not looking for a mentor or pair programming if I were I’d be curious to know:

  • What kind of mentorship can you over?
    • Help with code problems?
    • Help with career questions?
    • Code review?
    • CV review?
    • Software design discussions?
  • What technologies are you working with/are you knowledgable about?
  • What are you looking for in a mentee?



Hi @nemo_oudeis

I am able to help with general code problems / career questions / code review, resume advice, etc.

As a software engineer, I’m sort of a generalist. I work on a ton of different projects internally and externally that use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Redux, Ionic, Node.js, Java, Python, C++, SQL, Firebase, SQL Server, GraphQL, to name a few.

In a mentee, I’m looking for someone who’s driven, curious, and consistent. From my experience, breaking into tech was not easy and required more drive than I can put into this post.

Disclaimer: I don’t know everything, but I’m willing to share what I do know and grow with my mentee on the weird stuff that might come up in between. This is all completely free aside from a small time commitment they would have to make.


Hi @Codemetheus
I’d love to get some mentorship / help. I’m kinda’ new to this community (I dipped my toes into freeCodeCamp and development in 2016/7, but I was too busy with my other career to propperly dive in).
Now, I’ve been coding 20/30 hours/week consistently for the last 7 months, and I feel like I should be getting ready to apply for jobs (I really, really want to). But to be honest, I feel quite terrified and doubting my skills. Since I’ve mostly learned to code in isolation (mostly through Udemy and FCC courses), I don’t really know where I stand in terms of my readiness/skills. I am quite lost.
I’d love to have a mentor to give me a hand through this.


Hi @Codemetheus
I have worked with some technologies like java, spring boot, html, css, React, and other front end technologies, on a personal level. I am looking forward to collaborating with a senior dev like you in building a real live project. In summary, I am interested


Hi @Codemetheus , I am also interested :slight_smile: (thanks) .
Do you have a discord server or something?

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:


Hi @erretres

I don’t have a discord server as I save that strictly for gaming haha. I planned on having 30minute Zoom calls every so often with mentees to cover stuff they’re stuck on / interested in, etc. Feel free to message me and we can set something up!


I have 18 months experience in web development, i am an aspiring full stack developer. I had trouble setting up my react and angular environments, since covid19 quarantine i have had trouble with it. I tried reddit, stack overflow and the dev community but they couldnt help me. Im busy setting up my portfolio now with 3 projects(2 websites and a weather app using mainly html,css, vanilla javascript).
My questions are:

  1. React and angular apps require you to set up environments, now when i load the apps into vs code i have to change some files to start my own project then as soon as i change some default files the browser shows error: enoent. I cant change anything from there then i re-installed react and angular environments via cmd countless amounts of times but nothing seems to be working. I went through some webpack tutorials, node modules and such but nope nothing was working. Can you assist me please?
  2. Regarding question 1; i know codesandbox is used for small project testing and dirty code work etc. but can i use that to build projects for portfolio then just upload to github? I mean it will be projects to eventually get a job.
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Hello Codemetheus,
I am a junior front end developer and I need some help with my CV review and some guidance with my code also.


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  1. I could try to assist you in getting things set up.
  2. Using third party tools to host stuff shouldn’t be a huge problem. I think the biggest thing potential employers will be looking to review will be the source code on github. That said, getting your local environment set up correctly so that you don’t have to use those tools would be ideal, as it replicates the real world more. Companies aren’t usually going to have you building stuff on those, they’ll likely want you to build locally and pushing to private repos owned by their organization.

Hi @BogdanDev I’d be happy to assist you.

Send me a message with the details and we can go from there!

Thanks for your reply,

I will send you my CV.
At the moment I am learning NodeJs and I would like some advice.
The CV is attached to the email.


(Attachment Bogdan Niculescu CV.pdf is missing)