Ready to help with Mentorship


I have came across the point in my life when I would like to try something new. I would like to contribute to the community with the knowledge I’ve accumulated in the last 8 years of full-time web development.

How I imagine collaboration with you:
In case if you need help with any coding problem. We would do in a Pair Programming way over a call. Most of stuff and solutions I would expect to come from you, you will have to do most of the work yourself, but of course I will guide you, if necessary.
In case if you need help/advice with anything, it can be done over the discord. You can write to me a letter and I will give you answer with my opinion on the situation. And if I feel necessary I would offer to have a chat over call, if you would like to.

What I can help with:

  • Canvas/React/Redux/TypeScript/JavaScript/CSS/NodeJS/Responsive design
  • Explain how to tackle complex tasks and how to organise your work
  • Explain what to look for when looking for solutions on the web
  • Will analyse your way of thinking and give you feedback if I see that something is being done in wrong way.
  • Give general advices to excel in this craft, and share with you what I’ve learn over the years in order to land a good job.
  • Help you overcome impostor syndrome if you have one
  • I may even help you with other programming languages like Python/Java or Scala, and database tech like SQL or NoSQL.

Do not hesitate to contact me, whoever you are. And remember there are no stupid questions.

You can ping me on freeCodeCamp discord channel Dmitrijs#4044. When you find me, just give me elaborate description on what are you working on/learning, what would you like me to help with and what is your motivation.

Just one thing - please be positive. I expect, I will not be able to answer on all of your questions, but I will try :blush:


not looking for a mentor, but i have to applaud what your doing, its great to see people helping others when they can, to be honest i wouldn’t mind doing something similar when i’m much further down the line.

But yeah, good man, well played :+1:


I will DM you, thanks

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