Mongodb microcontroller communication

I’m heading to a hackathon tomorrow where there will be some microcontrollers available for development. Specifically an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH along with a couple other components.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has experience sending information from a microcontroller to a web application database.

How do you do that?
Where there any helpful NPM packages you used?

I’m currently using mongodb for my applications database; but I believe most microcontrollers run on C++ this might create an issue with sending JSON data. Would it be a better option to use a different database for microcontroller data?

I am certainly no expert on this but even if the microcontroller is running on C++ if it is hooked up to a PC you can have it talk to another programming language via some port on the pc. At one point I had an Arduino trigger a python script so I believe you may be able to implement the same strategy to have Adafruit talk to Node.js which could talk to mongo easily.

If this is wireless, the microcontroller can make a GET request containing URL query parameters to some route you set up with Express. Then your server code processes and handles the data from there. That’s how I created a wireless temperature logger.