My CV Website - Please feedback

For over the course of this year,
I’ve been working on creating my own CV in the form of a website to demonstrate my working web design knowledge.

See my website here

It has a very bare-bones HTML index page where the data is actually populated through JavaScript, as part of my JS practice.

It sports a Cyberpunk-inspired dark monokai CSS theme.

Recently, I focused on making the website easy to read and navigate. Each of the sections start out collapsed so you can open or close them by clicking on their titles or their respective links in the dynamic navbar (which sticks to the top for desktop users and to the bottom on mobile devices.)

Of course, I’m still learning web design and this is still a work in progress which is why I’m sharing this here.

I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions.
Thank you.

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I think it looks pretty good. I’m not a bit fan of the colors, but am kind of conservative about these things. It does work as a kind of brutalism.

I’m not sure about thinking of it as a CV, though. I would want to think of this as a portfolio site - I think examples of your work should be the star. I think you should have a CV that is a standard CV, something they can print out (yes, some people still do that). But there can be a lot of overlap between those two.

I’m not a big fan of including “Interests” - to me that is not part of a professional resume - this isn’t a dating app. :wink: But at least it is unobtrusive.

I’m not sure about the expression “on my belt” - I’m used to “under my belt” or maybe “a notch on my belt”.

And “and have, recently, begun learning web design and programming.” should be “and have recently begun learning web design and programming.” Sometimes people overcorrect when they try to speak formally.

And this, “Optimised Unit 12’s website (based on Squarespace’s) SEO and UX” I think should be: “Optimised Unit 12’s website (based on Squarespace’s) SEO and UX” - the apostrophe goes directly on “Squarespace” and if they don’t know what SEO is, then they won’t know what “Search Engine Optimization” is.

Here, “a series of video’s for the”, that should not have an apostrophe.

Most of us are really bad at proof reading our own material. I’d have one or two other people read it over.

I’m not a bit fan of the “hover over the section the colors invert” - I find it jarring. Don’t show off what you can do with CSS - worry about presenting the info in the most inviting format. I’m not saying you can’t have an effect there, just that it should be more subtle (maybe a faint outline or a faint background change). You also want to show good taste and restraint.

I might want to round some of those corners, even a couple px can take off the edges a little.

I think you should have text for your contact information two. If they want to email you but don’t have the default mail set up, it’s a chore.

And what is the “V” contact supposed to be? That goes to a linkedin page.

Just some thoughts.

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Hi there.

Sorry it took me so long to reply back @kevinSmith but I’ve taken your feedback and worked on my website since.
Updated website!

Among the new changes I made

  • Added a button to download my CV in the form of a PDF (Although the actual file is yet to be released so think of it as Proof-Of-Concept)

  • Incorporated Flexbox into the website’s layout and thus tidied up some of my CSS and JS code

  • Trimmed the Interests section, losing the huge chunks of text

There’s still a lot I plan to add in like incorporating React.JS, having data read from JSON files, adding references to each of my career entries as well as making an actual CV file and updating my photo.

Hello James!

Best give the element “top” a margin-top of 3 to 4 rem so that it doesn’t slip under the navbar on screens over 1000px:

I like the color scheme, reminds me of 80s Atari 2600 package designs!

Yes. I just fixed it today and also slimmed down the code to incorporate Flexbox into my web layout.

Come see!

Any suggestions what else I should add to my site?

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