Hi freecodecampers,

Here’s a link to my Personal Portfolio Webpage, your feedback is welcome.

Personal Portfolio Webpage


Dude…that’s a beautiful page. Great work!

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I would add a transition effect to navbar links, that said gj :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: (y)

you can do it :slight_smile:

Awesome design. Nice job!

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Nice work.

I do have a couple suggestions for you that may or may not help.

First, the design seems a bit cramped. I would suggest adding more white-space throughout. Especially on the vertical axis.

Related to that, I would make the hero section much much bigger - maybe up to 100% of the above the fold viewport. That is pretty popular right now, and I think it looks good.

For your “About” section I might forgo wrapping your text around the blank area (I assume a photo will go here) and have the text in a separate block of content. Basically, have one block for the image, and one block on the right for the text, and keep the “download my cv” button in the middle.


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Thank you for your suggestions. I have appreciated it all.


Thank you :slight_smile: