My first portfolio piece - HTML Email Developer Resume

Cheers fellow coders!
Please be kind because this is my first share!
I was prematurely looking at future work options and came across the Email Developer title so decided I would apply even though I’m not totally ready yet.
I wanted to make the application a little spicy so decided to code my resume into a Web Responsive Email which seemed to be the whole point of the job.
I used some skeleton code sourced online and made it my own and tested it briefly but was unable to find a free version of Litmus or the like to test it across all emails and viewports.
Anyhow please let me know any feedback?
I really enjoy the code world so far and would be happy to check out your project also!
Chow for now!

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HTML Email Developer Resume

looks awesome, I would maybe try to get the top two divs aligned and maybe put some sort of border around your image - if you want to be a stickler then you could shrink the image to be the same size as the text area to the right of it but overall it looks really great for a project on a whim.

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thank you! Appreciate the ideas. I’ll def add them in!

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Looks great to me!

I have a few small suggestions:

I would drop the “Looking to pivot into a new opportunity aligned with my personal goals.” No need to show all your cards up front. Having a desire to pivot careers isn’t relevant to the job itself, and sharing that information just opens you up to being dismissed before people look at you.

Maybe add to the top: “Seeking work as a web developer”. Or something along those lines. Make it super clear and straightforward that you are a) looking for work, and b) what kind of work.

The other thing is, I would deploy this somewhere like Netlify instead of hosting it on codepen. It would look more professional in my opinion. Netlify is super beginner friendly and free.

Let me know if you want a tutorial on that subject!

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I super appreciate all that feedback. Thanks for your eyes and ideas on this!

Update - I made Netlify account however I couldn’t find where to paste my HTML code? Maybe it’s got more learning curve than Codepen? Any tips appreciated!

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Hey no problem!

Let me know if this helps: How To Deploy Codepen Apps To Netlify - YouTube

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That is a great video! Thank you for making it. I subscribed!

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