My first project - A Rafael Nadal Tribute Page

Hello there! I am new to the path of web development and this is the first page that I have written / coded. It is a tribute page for the tennis player Rafael Nadal. Please feel free to criticize / give a feedback to my work so that I can further improve and understand the logic of web development. Thank you so much and looking forward to what you’ll have to say. c:

I like it! I think I would want to see the first picture though without having to scroll down (when my browser is in full size) so maybe resize it down a bit? And the text captioning that first picture needs a bit of padding or margin around it so it stands out. I would say the contrast between the the thin black font and clay color is not too good so either modify the writing font to be clearer or find a different lightness or saturation so enhance the contrast and readability.
The bright green color is a bit too much for me, so I would tone it down a bit (maybe add more gray to it or find a different green?)
I also noticed that the margin of space between the first picture and the sides is different than the other areas’ margins. Maybe match those up for continuity of design.

Great job!

Thank you for your feedback hbar1st! I noticed it just now that you’ve pointed it out, it doesn’t have a uniform margin :sweat_smile: I will fix that as well as the resizing of the photo, and the color palettes. I’ll play around more on tweaking the CSS. Again, thank you and I’m glad that you liked it! :smiley: