My First Website! Feedback please

Excellent design. And a good dose of motivation too.

I really like the site! Well Done! The only thing i see is the responsiveness of the Features Section seems to be off. I’d adjust that a little bit better!

Cheers, Silvan

it looks really great!

Nice and Simple.

One little issue.

I get this message when I click on the button “Send Message” even when the fields are empty.

@Tchoukoualeu yes I know! Basically, I wanted the contact form to LOOK like it works to an everyday person. I have literally NO IDEA how form validation works or PHP or sending a form. So I just made the send message button a modal that pops up that message to kind of “cheat” the system

But it’s a secret so shhh…

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:grinning: Perfect!
Great Job once more!

This is really good

Just one thing i noticed, you tried making it look very responsive except for the “Features” section when minimized the writings look really bad.

Try adding media queries for that section that changes the CSS properties or add col-sm-12 for each card. It could work

Still learning too

Great Job I like the color choice and the Js scroll effects. really smooth.

Pretty nice. Don’t go too wild on your colour chart numbers. Footer’s colours are inconsistent. Regarding consistency, your border radius in your contact form is too much, nowhere on your site does this “extreme” roundness appears. Stick to the same border radius as of your pricing buttons.

Other than that, it’s neat.

It’s clean and to the point. Everything is easy to follow.

Nice job!!

That’s amazing! (says a french good guy …)

Awesome design but some little mistakes like when you go on “Features” the second image maybe in less dimension, so please before add any image, make it size correct. Secondly, on “Pricing” section, buttons are not working proper. Good thing is your content us form is working properly because I have sent you a test request. Good and keep it up

A nice job indeed. Thumbs up.
You can include a business address in the footer.
Also include a required statement in the input element of the message form.

You can prevent the user from submitting an empty form by writing something like

Although a malicious user can bypass this.
So if you know php you can check using isset and !empty functions.

Looks great. I see this

How did you get the pages to transition like that after you click on a page link?

@dbean23 I’m not entirely sure why you cannot see the rocket image. It is just a png image file. Maybe someone else can help me out here? What browser are you using?

For the smooth scroll transitions I wrote a jQuery entry that can be used for any link that goes to a section on the same page. You can even use it in your work, just add class=“slide-section” to any a tag

$(document).ready(function () {

$('.slide-section').click(function (e) {

    var linkHref = $(this).attr('href');

    $('html, body').animate({
        scrollTop: $(linkHref).offset().top - 50
    }, 1500);



let me know if it works

Thanks. I haven’t used Jquery before, but I understand it is a way to navigate the DOM and change elements? Would this code just go in a .js file? **update: I installed jquery into my website folder using npm. It looks like it is version 3.3.1 . I added <script src=“jquery-3.3.1.min.js”></script> into my index.html file. The code isn’t working yet. I added slide-section to my class for each of the section of my website at . So the class names look like class=“section slide-section”> because section is a class I already have on each of the div sections

Also, I can see the image now :slight_smile: