My portfolio + a blog post about it

Hey all! I finished my portfolio today. It’s pretty simple, with no fancy animations. Take a look. Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

I also kept notes while making this and put them all together in a blog.

For now I’ll go to sleep :sleepy:

[CLOSED] Does the skill list look like buttons (no, they’re not buttons; they are just <li>s)?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hi Kev! I really like the top section with the full image and your name; I’d like to borrow that for my portfolio if you don’t mind. Great work!

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Nice work. Are you going to make a blog for your next project?

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hi man, this look great!, keep going in web development!

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Sure, go ahead, and thanks!

I’m glad you’re looking forward for the next one! Thanks!

Hey thanks for the feedback man!

really smart looking.
one comment: The skills look like buttons? (i tried to press them)
one question: What font is that in your blueish and greenish boxes?

ps great blog - reminded me i need to start doing that

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Thanks for the feedback!

They look like buttons? I guess I’ll change them in the future.

As for the fonts, thanks for asking! I used to generate the placeholders, and I had to read its docs to answer your question. According to it, they used M+ Fonts. Now I think I might change my portfolio’s fonts as well :slight_smile:.

Love it, man! Looks great. :sunglasses:

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That’s funny you had a poll for the skill list looking like buttons. I checked your portfolio first and tried to click on them. The page is incredible though. Thank you for the inspiration. Here’s my totally newb html/css portfolio (You’ll need to open that bad boy in a new window. Sorry) The assignment is complete, however the page will be a work in progress. I Just need to move onto further education.

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No one voted “No”, huh? Guess I’ll have to rework that part of my portfolio.

They totally look like buttons. I clicked on them and was emotionally traumatized when they didn’t work. :smile: The whole page looks really clean and professional though. Awesome job.


Dude, if you think that portfolio is “totally newb” then you’re severely underestimating yourself. Compared to that, mine (which I haven’t even started yet) will look like it’s been constructed from silly string and duct tape. As portfolios go, yours is pretty epic. Great job. :+1:

Wow man! It looks great! I’m just about to start working on my portfolio project so thank you for the inspiration :+1:

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I’ve changed how the skill list looks, after a unanimous vote. I want to retain the inline style, so I just changed the colors.

I also switched fonts. Please tell me you’re not seeing the default sans-serif :relaxed:

About to start mine right now. Thanks for the idea. It would’ve looked like scrap if I didn’t see this.

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Well then. Thank you @Perfidion. Don’t doubt yourself thought. The project itself is meant to further your knowledge. I too use a little string and some tape now and then. What I’ve found helps a lot is restarting when your work gets jumbled. The 2nd time around goes so much faster and cleaner.

Looks great!

I think maybe putting a containing div around the skills list with some level of heading (h3?) inside will get your intent across

Im viewing on mobile, the background image took quite a while to load for me. Maybe you are using an image that is larger than necessary. Try optimizing/resizing it if so.

Also, the navbar stays in the middle of my page, and scrolls with page, obscuring whats behind it.

Overall, youve done quite well! The design looks great, something that lots of people struggle with, despite how good at coding they are =]

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I was thinking to put a heading for the skills list but I went for dropping the idea after seeing the same in another portfolio, since it seems obvious enough.

Yes it’s ugly. I’ll fix this soon. Thanks for pointing out.