Redesigned portfolio after front end certification

Hi, I have completed front-end development certification, created d3.js projects and started react.js projects.

After react I have decided to convert the entire portfolio page to react.

this is my new portfolio project

I will highly appreciate critical responses from the community :blush:


After 2 years ,re-engineered it completely , here is the new one


This looks great. the “Skill” section is quite impressive particularly.

Thanks, do you have some suggestions

Looks nice! Maybe you should look into the text on your various contact-icons. They kind of “flimmer” on top of eachother when the text is displayed (and before the animation is finished).

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It would be great if the heights of thumbnails in a same row keep same. It’s going to look more tidy. :slight_smile:


I just finished my first portfolio, and wow! I have a long way to get to that.
I suggest that the navbar elements dynamically indicate the section you’re viewing as you scroll the page. Now they only activate if you click on them.

thanks for the feedback , are you sure about navbar elements ? they indicate section when you scroll, at least in my chrome browser …

They work in chrome for me too, so this should be a compatibility issue with firefox, that I was using before.

I will
check later on other browsers

My two cents - a lot of your boxes for your projects are different heights–maybe try making them all the same height for a neater look? Also, I think you should center your contact icons. :slight_smile:

I agree with everyone else though–I REALLY like the skills section and overall, it looks awesome!

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Thank you, I will center icons, but project’s card height corecting it’s not easy task :confused: , I have tried that

Very nice work! It looks great!

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I’m only finishing my second project, so you’re way ahead of me. You are guiding your visitors nicely through the site, selling my skills along the way. But if you can pull off what the others have suggested this would be a really cool site.

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einstein spelling is wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you tell me correct one? (Grammar is wrong? Or quote does not belong to Einshtein?)

Great work davit. As said already, you have to find a way to avoid that contact links overlap when a text is shown in one. And when the page is scrolled, the active menu does not change in the navbar! By the way if you find the solution, I am interested in:wink:

I found the scrolling problem (issue was only on firefox)
This stack-overflow question helped me

Awesome portfolio! That skill section is really cool :heart: !

Also I wonder, how did you calculate the percentages? and how did you decided which to abandon and which to carry on?

I think that’s intentional for humor.

Thanks verv0eren
Percentage is mix of my subjective opinions, knowledge of a technology and also experience with that technology.
I don’t have time to learn all technologies at the same time, so, I abandoned some technologies because of time, I plan to learn some of them in the future (like swift, android), some technologies are in my interest range anymore, like (oracle, mysql, appcelerator, angular.js 1.x)

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