My Portfolio-need feedback

Greetings FCC community, I have finished updating my portfolio. It is a work in progress of course. So any feedback/comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Current Portfolio Website

Good job on getting here. Still, this needs a lot more work.

In my opinion, a portfolio should showcase your technical skills as much as be visually compelling. Right now the design looks basic and is way too cluttered. You’re using a quite large font and don’t have enough space between sections.

The projects’ section needs to be redone completely. You’re displaying each project as a card and giving it too little space for what you’re trying to do. Half of the space is taken by description and codepen’s UI and you can’t see anything unless you go to codepen project’s page.

On small resolution it looks even worse -

I’d either make it into a slider or stick with a one-column layout (which would make it pretty long).

“About me” section needs some padding.

edit: you can check this out for some inspiration: