My Technical Documentation Page

Hey all, finally finished with my technical documentation page, your feedback would be appreciated.
Here is the code pen link
Thanks in advance.

Love the green scrollie thing you made and the interesting menu design! I think though the menu is a bit unwieldy when the screen is small because there is no way to see the options if the menu is longer than the screen so pls look into that if you want a more responsive page.
I would also note that the internal links seem to be slightly oddly spaced. Sometimes the link cause the title to be shown right at the very top (not great for readability) and sometimes the title is a few lines down (which is ok).
So maybe tweak that a bit.

Totally enjoyed this review though!

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Thanks again for your great input. So I made changes, now when clinking the links, the title is no longer at the very top of the view-port. As for the menu options should be visible when scrolling using the landscape mode.

Hi there, I tried to go back to look at your page again but as I was using my ipad, I found none of the menu buttons were working. On my desktop the page was working fine though when i first reviewed it, so it makes me wonder if there is something unsupported on safari browser. Just letting you know if you want to investigateā€¦