My Tribute page - Challenge completed - Feedback needed

My Footer link doesn’t seem to be redirecting well to my profile link:

Can anyone give me a tip for fixing this issue? I’ve kept editing the code but it keeps sending me to a 404 page…

Hello there!

For the footer, take a look at your a element’s href. The first one uses a curly double quote, which should be straight.

Also, just running your pen here in the forum, the image didn’t scale as it should be even though the class img-responsive is used. I suggest reviewing your code again and scaling your browser to smaller widths to check. I also noticed where the heading “Here’s a Timeline…” is, almost all syntax beyond that is green. That means somewhere before that, a syntax error has been made (hint: the error’s not far. you can say, it’s just above. :wink: ) as their colors shouldn’t be green. The same error is also present on the footer. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your review, and happy coding! :smiley:

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Finally got it! Can’t believe I overlooked those errors. Sloppy coding on my part lol.

Finding the image issue was getting me a little annoyed but glad I finally got it functioning correctly.

I feel accomplished this morning.

Thanks a lot aceAng!

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Awesome! Glad I could help! :smile:

Your code looks better now! I would like to urge you though, in using CodePen, to use it as how it has organized stuff for you. For better organization and easy aesthetic modifications in the future, move everything from your style element on the CSS box. And on top, the link for Bootstrap should be removed as you already loaded it through your CSS Pen Settings. :slight_smile:

Code on!

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Thanks ace, just moved everything from style element over to CSS box. Removed that Bootstrap link as well. :slight_smile:

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