Need advice on the Basic Javascript course

Hi all, I’m having trouble with some of the more difficult questions in the Basic Javascript course. So much so, that I find myself using the hints for some of the problems too often.

After reading the hints, I get a general idea of how the solution works, or at least I try to have one before moving on.

I figure that once I get to the projects part of the course, that that will help me understand JS much better. At least that is how it worked with the Responsive Web Design Certification.

Any guidance or advice on how I should move forward with this?

Hi @spantoja !

Welcome to the forum!

I would suggest using the forum more to ask questions on what you don’t understand.
If you post your questions and code we can help you troubleshoot the problem.

Learning how to ask questions and ask for help is really important.
Especially when it comes to your first junior developer job.
When you are on the job, you will have to learn how to ask questions when you are stuck with a project.
Think of this as practice for the real world :grinning:

The JS projects are basically just 5 more algorithm coding challenges.
It will be very different from the responsive design projects.

I would say if you are struggling with a concept like regex, array methods, OOP, etc then you can ask for help from the forum.
You can also ask for resources on particular topics you are struggling with.

Hope that helps!


Hi @jwilkins.oboe !

Thank you for the welcome and the guidance. I will definitely start using the forum more often.

Much appreciated!

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