Need feedback on my Technical Documentation Page

Hi everyone here is my completed Technical Documentation Page, I would love to hear your feedback and recommendations. Thanks in advance!

First impression is: it’s looking good and relaxed. Desktop and smartphone-view is working. The code is nicely formatted, looks like a lot of work…

Just that colour wheel-svg is becoming a monster on wider browser-sizes, it’s really big.

Really good. I’m jealous that it is better than mine.

I echo this.

It looks good @Nootuff.
Maybe think about doing something with your menu on top. It’s never seen after the user clicks on a link.
Is there a reason you didn’t do the one user story that calls for the the nav bar to be on the left when viewed on regular sized devices?

Haha I think you’re viewing the page on a smaller screen. It’s the media query, on anything larger than an ipad the nav bar appears at the side, but on smaller screens like phones and tablets it’ll stick to the top to avoid obscuring content. If I knew Java-script I could probably find a better solution to the problem though.

Actually I’m on a laptop, so the navbar should be on the side. I think the problem is in your media query and a max-width of 1300px. An iPad would be 768px.

Looks pretty good! :smiley: To improve mobile stuff, you can go to pen settings → html → Insert the most common viewport meta tag → Save & Close. It looks a bit better that way. Although, for iPhone X this tag would be better: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, viewport-fit=cover" />