Need help with deciding on courses


I’m new to programming, and on deciding which course to take I was wondering whether there was a structure? to I start from Responsive Web Design Certification and work my way down or do i go straight into a specific one? as I was looking at the Front End Development Libraries Certification


Fcc recommends beginning with Responsive Web Design. But there is one unstable version of Responsive Web Design(Beta).

I recommend you to begin with R.W.D. (Beta).

start at the top and go forward, you can’t do Front End Dev course without knowing the certs above it.

Exception, the Responsise Web Dev one has an alternative version at the bottom, it is in beta, and in a completely different format, but the material covered is the same

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Okay, thanks guys! When you say it’s in beta, does this mean its in a testing stage? what would be the difference between the two softwares?


I say in the Beta version is easier to learn new things (explain better). The only problem with Beta is that you can’t get help just by clicking one button, you can’t use google translate, there is a very little chance of your progress not being saved, etc.

Normal one

If you have a problem, here you can use “ask for help”, “get a hint”, etc.

For Beta

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ah, I see!

Thank you very much!

Hey Robert. My suggestion is to go in order also. I also did not even know about the beta till now. It will take you awhile to do just the first certificate. The assignments before the projects, you can fly through. Don’t get stressed. It is very normal for any coder out there, even job ready. It is true and accurate that people in the field google search; reply to help, and ask for it also. One suggestion that i would say is, do not do what others choose, and just watch videos and copy and paste the code from the project. that wont help you understand it. It is better to be creative, and do your own idea not the teachers page. Heres a link to one of the projects i completed. It is just basic, but it is my own not others.basic first project. required

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thank you! Yeah i had figured it might do! also i’m learning alongside my current degree! but looking to do some every night!

okay, i will take note of that for sure! I love your first program, I read that book, its brilliant!

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