Need help with project. Also feedback appreciated


I’m current working on the tribute page project and I think I’m about halfway finished. Anyway, I want the bullet points of my unordered list to be closer to Thomas Jefferson’s list of accomplishments. I’m not sure how to about it.

Link to project:Thomas Jefferson

I would also would appreciated any feedback on project itself. I’m new to coding and I would like to get better.

Thank You

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li {

maybe also remove the last

  • Hahaha I like your picture, nice touch. Make sure you spell “Founding” right! (fonding isn’t a word…yet?)

    Take away your bullet points on the left with:

      list-style: none;

    It’ll make things more streamline. I also agree with putting you list items to the left, and then pushing in that area’s margins to condense the space:

    #tribute-info {
      text-align: left;
      margin-left: 15%;
      margin-right: 15%;
      padding: 10px;
      (whatever else you add to make it look nice)

    And then you can add an h3 to your CSS and text-align: center; to make it the header for that box.

    Also, not a huge biggie, but to make your link accessibility-friendly, I’d make the link attached to “learn more” or something. If they’re blind and their machine just says “Link,” I don’t think they’d quite understand. However, I’m not an accessibility reader myself, I just remember that from the lessons on it all.

    Then just make the picture responsive and you’re good!

    Good job! :+1:

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    Thanks for feedback. I made the changes you suggest and my project looks a lot better now.

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    It does looks good! Hope your next project goes well too

    Great job :+1:

    Some tips:

    • Consider using semantic html. You could use section or article in some cases instead of div.
    • Consider using em or rem units instead of pixels for font size and container spacing. They are responsive units rather than absolute.
    • I suggest not having divs taking up too much width. It’s fine on smaller devices but it improves readability on desktop viewports. I like how does their text width.
    • I’m guessing using ids to style your elements were due to the project test requirements, but try to use classes when possible. It’s not wrong to use ids but they’re up the chain when it comes to DOM manipulation and it’s better to use classes when you can.

    I like that you chose TJ. My alma mater borderline worships him so it’s nostalgic to see his face :slight_smile: .