Tribute page please critique

Hello everyone. New camper here. I’ve been doing the free code camp for two weeks. Found it very enjoyable. And yes, I’m at the point for people to look over my tribute page. Tell me what you think. I still think it is a work in progress.

I like the idea and the design and all it’s very creative.
Some advice: Instead of using just copy and paste all the code inside of there into the CSS page. Also, maybe consider using <body class=“text-center”. When you move on to do the Portfolio page you’ll likely be shocked by the change in the level of difficulty feel free to message me for help.

Looks great. I like the colored columns. Good design. And yeah you can move the css code to the css section.

Bootstrap columns would do wonders for you along with using the container class.


I would use three <div></div>

<div style="background-color:red" class="col-md-4"></div>
<div style="background-color:#fff" class="container col-md-4"></div>
<div style="background-color:blue" class="col-md-4"></div>

Definitely move your css over to the css editor.

Run the container class on the middle section to give it some padding on the sides.

You can do col-sm col-xs col-lg for different device screen widths and responsiveness.

It looks good.

I would consider putting all the stuff inside the <style>...</style> into your css pane - that’s kind of how codepen works.

I would also adjust the width of p in your formatting - those long lines are getting wordwrapped in an odd place. I would just remove the width specification and let it default.

I would consider bolding the years in the timeline to make them pop more.

There are a few typos::

1784: President taylor was born on his wealthy parents plantation in Barboursville, Virginia.

“Taylor” should be capitalized and “parents” should have an apostrophe after it.

1795: His education never came from a school nor college. But from the many tutors.

“Nor” sounds odd to me here. I would go with “He was educated in neither a school nor a college, but…” And it needs to be one sentence, “But from the many tutors.” is not a complete sentence on its own.

1810: He is promoted to the rank of Captain. And continues to advance himself and career by marrying Margret Taylor.

One sentence. the second is a dependent clause. Or at least get rid of “and” so it is more clearly telegraph language.

1811: Their first born Ann Margaret Mackhall is born (April 9). Takes charge of Fort Knox.

Quite an accomplishment for a newborn girl to take charge of a military garrison! :wink: I would either add a noun to that last sentence or put it as a separate entry for clarity.

1812: First American land victory during the war of 1812. Defends Fort Harrison from the indians.

“War” and “Indians” should be capitalized.

1814: Treaty of Fort Jackson ends creek war. Recieves commision of Major. His second child, Sarah Knox, is born.(March 6)

“Creek War” should be capitalized. “Receives” and “commission” are misspelled. “Major” should be lower case.

1835: Daughter Sarah Know Dies.

“Dies” should be lowercase.

1837: Becomes Brigadier General because of victory over the Seminole indians at Lake Okeechobee.

“Indians” should be capitalized.

1846: Battles Mexican army at Palo Alto and Matamrous. Mexican- American war starts. Promoted to Major General.

Extra space in “Mexican-America War” and “war” should be capitalized.

I might also mention how Sarah died. Also that she was married to the future president of the CSA is pretty significant.

Sorry to be nitpicky. Hope it helps.

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To all that have seen it. I say THANKS A TON. And will be looking into ALL advice. I also see that if I have any questions. I know who I can ask. Thanks very much for the speedy replies.

Ah, and it’s Sarah Knox, not Sarah Know.

Thanks again. And most of the changes are made. The page looks better. Found a little trick to give the dates a bold look. The parts that I’m not sure what to do with are the edges and around the picture. So far everyone’s suggestions have been spot on. So please keep the ideas comming. I will be working with the divs next. Gotta look over the bootstrap assignments on those. I wouldn’t be surprised if they worked better. Thanks for the help on all this. One question. Any suggestions as to good books and or sites to increase my knowledge base for HTML5 and css plus bootstrap? There’s gotta be more than what’s on freecodecamp.