Need recommendation of new job

I’m confused about what I should do next? Please recommend to me what should I learn now.
Previously, I worked on PHP and my concept regarding PHP is not good enough.

Hopefully, Your advice could help me to start a new journey.

Thanks and Regards

Hello and welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion and not an absolute about anything :slight_smile:.

If you want a language for (almost?) everything, then learn JavaScript. It allows you to develop games, back end and front end and mobile apps. You just need to learn a single language and a couple of framework.

If you don’t want JavaScript, then it depends on where you want to go from here.

For example, if you enjoy the challenges that innovation presents, try to focus on JavaScript or Ruby On Rails which is more common among startups (companies that are just starting :stuck_out_tongue:).

On the other hand, if you want to work with big companies (like Google), then a more structured language is usually welcome, like Java or .NET.

For mobile development, I believe you should stick to JavaScript, since you can target iOS and Android with the same code base using React Native, Cordova or NativeScript.

Now, if you enjoy developing games (or would like to), C# (or .NET), Python and JavaScript (again) are the most popular. In this case, though, I would recommend you to focus on the framework to be used. The most popular would be Unity 3D (compatible with JavaScript and C#, but there are other languages that work with it, I believe).

Finally, you could try to learn a little of everything and then pick one to focus on or continue to learn and end up being a developer generalist.

PD: I forgot to mention Data Science and DevOps and even Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Python, mainly, and Java), but I have experience only on DevOps.

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you can laravel its a framework for php and i see you can learn J.s then node.js and this will help you alot with backend and good luck

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Thanks for your suggestions.
@skaparate I worked on PHP last two years and not improved myself during work. It was just make fixes nothing else. I think i should consider your suggestion to learn JavaScript it would be helpful for future.

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