Neto's Portfolio page

Hello guys. Just finished working on my portfolio page. I would like your various opinions on it(no matter how blunt). Thanks in advance. Cheers!

Two comments/suggestions:

  1. It is almost impossible to read the form text, because it is almost the same color as the background.

  2. On mobile device or smaller width screen, I see the following which is probably not how you want it to display.

Thank you so much. I would look into fixing the display to fit for various devices and change the font-color of the form-text.

Thanks again!

I’ve done the corrections for the display and the form-text color. Your analysis opened my eyes more to what really matters when designing a web page. Thanks!

Cool website! You are going to be great. My advice is to change the font and colors to make things easier to read. Also try to make it more accessible to mobile devices.

Thank you so much for the feedback. I would do some more research to see what I can do about the font, colors and accessibility to mobile devices. Thanks, I greatly appreciate!