New to FCC and coding

I don’t have an IT or coding background. I have been unhappy in my current work for a few years. I’m 37 and have questions for motivation and feedback please.

1-I know it is doable since people in the field tell me they often see self taught older individuals who make the jump. Did anyone here go through this personally or meet someone that can relay something motivational to me?

2-I was also told once I’m able to dedicate 5 hours a week and get by HMTL, CSS, and start JS then I’m “in.” But before that I’m just preparing or exploring, however once I’m make it there I should be happy that this is a path I can take.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or replies you have.

For me, the most important thing that helped me pursue coding is that from the moment you write that first “Hello world!” HTML document and it shows up in your browser, you ARE a web developer. So congratulations! Welcome to the club!

Firstly, you’re 37 which means you still have time to learn how to code and as you mentioned, there have been a LOT of older individuals who have made the switch successfully and ultimately it comes down to knuckling down, putting in the hours and getting addicted to that dopamine release as you watch websites come together before your eyes.

My advice? Learn to code alongside a passion project that you come up with! Maybe you like fishing and you want to make a “dating website” that can connect fishers who want a fishing buddy for the weekend OR maybe your significant other always forgets something when they do the grocery shopping so you can make a “to-do list” with groceries that you can both update and access it from their phone while you’re out shopping.

If you’re not very creative like myself… Find a website that you love using like Netflix, YouTube etc and try to recreate that website as you go OR even find a barely functioning website that maybe looks like it was built in the 1990’s and give it a fresh new look. You might even get your first freelance client this way!

Finally, you don’t learn web development as much as you learn how to be a web developer. It’ll be difficult and no doubt you’ll run into roadblocks along the way but you CAN muscle through it using the vast network of resources at your disposal whether it be websites like the Mozilla Developer Network, Google and certainly us folks over here at FCC.

Good luck on your journey and i look forward to seeing you on the web!

  1. I start my first web developer job tomorrow after teaching myself

  2. there are many paths to take. I learned JavaScript first, then HTML and css, and then did algorithms and made projects, and then I started learning all kinds of things…

Good luck

Thanks for your reply and your encouragement. Yes, I think the passionate project you are referring to is going to be helpful. To me it is still abstract or seems such a distant goal. I will implement and hope to update back here in the near future.

Congratulations on your job! Wish you success in it.

Mind if you share how you taught yourself? I can probably benefit from ideas and steps you took.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey I posted a lot in this thread: American Millenial Expat: I need a job in 12 weeks

You can also reach out to me on LinkedIn or send me a private message here :slightly_smiling_face:

Learning to code is really doable; however, don’t quit your job till you get the gist of coding.